What’s Croatian cuisine? Wine?

What’s Croatian cuisine? Wine?

9. Feb 2021.


Croatian cuisine & wine making / Croatian wine info / is still undervalued part of our heritage, but it’s our fault. We stress too much on historical and cultural details, forgetting that people also travel for – good eating and drinking. Fresh local stuff!

It would be more than pretentious to compare Croatian cuisine and wine culture with the cuisine and wine traditions of larger nations, but the very diversity and traditions of Croatia identify it as a separate culinary entity.

Croatia’s geographically curved shape, like a horseshoe, demonstrates many contrasts and twists that distinguish the north-western region, belonging to Central Europe, from the southern, more Mediterranean area.

Culinary roadmap of Croatian cuisine

Let’s name 20+ food stuff in Croatia, worth paying attention. Oysters in Mali Ston bay, islands’ lamb, a wealth of fresh-water and marine fish, shellfish and crabs, one of the best olive oils in the world, Pag island cheese, Slavonian kulen (smoked spicy sausage), Istrian Boškarin (Istrian peninsula beef), truffles and asparagus, chard, artichokes, broad beans, Mišanca (Dalmatian aromatic herbs) and other types of vegetables.

Also, don’t miss out smoked ham (pršut, prosciutto) and bacon from the Dalmatian hinterland, naturally bred Zagorje turkey, rich wildlife and wild berries, potatoes from Lika and Međimurje’s cabbage, rarities like Butarga (salted and dried fish roe, a rare and precious delicacy), dried fish eggs, or dried Tabinja (sea-water fish) which many consider more tasty than dried cod – these are the ingredients on which the best Croatian gastronomy is based, and became popular with travelers visiting Croatia.

Well, Food Safari made a comprehensive view on simple, but honest food and wines of Croatia. You’ll get an inside look how to find best ingredients for some of Croatian signature meals (peka, brodeto etc.).

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What’s Croatian cuisine? Wine?
What’s Croatian cuisine? Wine?
What’s Croatian cuisine? Wine?