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Updated: 19. January 2021.


Zagreb City and Cooking Class Tour 2021 | 3-in-1

City Walking Tour – ‘Hands-on’ cooking class – ‘Slow food’ dinner

  • Zagreb Private City Walking Tour | 10am
  • Visit Dolac’ farmer’s market
  • Discover charm of the old historic core – Zagreb Upper Town
  • Zagreb Cooking Class (‘hands-on’) in private apartment (Chef’s home) | 5pm
  • ‘Slow food’ dinner paired with 2 Croatian indigenous wines
  • Tour is private, can’t be shared (joining in) with other people

Zagreb City & Cooking Class Tour helps you to discover Zagreb from outside – sightseeing, and inside – during culinary journey with a Chef. Usually, city tours provide only one part of destination mosaic (culture, history, architecture, art…).

Second part – Gastronomy, often stays sidelined. It’s a pity, food is a great storyteller, too. About people, tradition, way of life etc. Zagreb Cooking Class Tour is – a game changer!

Croatian cuisine is influenced a lot by Central Europe (e. g. Austria, Hungary). At the same time, Italian cooking art left ‘food print’, too. This is the secret of Croatian gastronomy – blend of different cuisines. With just spoon and fork you can taste best of two regions – Central Europe and Mediterranean.

After meet up @10am we will visit Dolac farmers’ market. Next, we’ll do Zagreb city walking tour, visiting most important landmarks of Zagreb (Cathedral, Stone Gate, St.Mark’s church, Lotrščak cannon tower). Witnessing cannon fire at noon, first part of the tour is done. You’re free until 5pm.

At 5pm taxi will pick you up in front of your hotel and drive to Chef’s comfy home. There, he will introduce you to Croatian cooking art (hands-on). Best comes at the end – ‘slow food’ dinner paired with top quality indigenous Croatian wines. After dinner, taxi will take you back to your hotel. Yeah!

Watch YouTube video about Zagreb downtown area…


Zagreb City & Cooking Class Tour has 2 parts: 1- Guided Walking Tour | 2- Cooking Class
First, we do morning guided walking tour and visit Dolac farmers’ market. There we explore local seasonal produce and see why ‘Dolac’ farmer’s market is so important in everyday city life. In the evening you’ll be immersed in Croatian food and wine during cooking class.

  • SIGHTSEEING | 10:00am | ~2 hours
    Lower Town (downtown): Austro-Hungarian architecture (19.cent)
    Upper Town (old historic city core):
    KAPTOL – church town: Zagreb Cathedral, defensive wall (16th cent.), St. Francis church, Opatovina park and Tkalčićeva street
    GRADEC – free royal town: Stone Gate, St. Mark’s church and square with Parliament and Government buildings, Funicular, Lotrščak tower
  • COOKING CLASS | 5:00pm | ~4 hours
    Taxi pick-up (hotel), drive to comfy Chef’s home
    Chefs welcome. Short intro to Croatian cuisine
    Hands-on cooking class / 3-course meal
    ‘Slow food’ dinner paired by indigenous Croatian wines
    Taxi ride back to your hotel


Zagreb Cooking Class has only 1 fixed element in decision ‘what to cook?’ – fresh ingredients! As eating habits in Croatia are based on seasonal produce, meat and sea food, so will cooking class menu follow this simple rule – cook what you can find at farmers’ market that day!

In order to stay local – Croatian cuisine – you will cook (hands-on) 3-course meal, based on what we find fresh at the market, from following regions in Croatia:

  1. Zagreb & Surroundings cuisine – meat meal | What is Zagreb cuisine?
  2. Istrian (Northern Adriatic) cuisine – pasta meal | Istrian cuisine info
  3. Dalmatian (coastal & islands) cuisine – seafood (fresh fish) meal | Dalmatian cuisine info

Zagreb City & Cooking Class Tour prices:

  • 2 people – 175 EUR per person
  • 3 people – 160 EUR per person
  • 4 people – 135 EUR per person
  • Surcharge 20 EUR pp for menu no.3 – seafood

Included: guided city walking tour (~ 2 hours), cooking class (hands-on), cooking ingredients, ‘slow food’ 3-course dinner, Croatian wine, welcome schnapps, transportation (taxi)

Note: if you opt in for menu no.3 (Dalmatian cuisine – seafood), there’s surcharge of 20 € per person. In Croatia, top quality fresh fish is very expensive, so we must charge this extra ingredient cost

Duration: sightseeing ~2 hrs | cooking class & dinner ~4 hrs | total ~6 hours
Payment: online by credit card or pay in cash
Starting time – sightseeing: 10:00am / it can be re-scheduled!
Starting time – cooking clas: 5:00pm
Meet-up location: in front of Tourist Info Center (address: Trg bana Jelacica 11)

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If your travel plan includes e.g. Istria, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, islands (Brač, Hvar, Vis, Korčula) etc., send me details. I can customize another tour, which can include rest of Croatia -- OR -- just give you useful tips 🙂


Zagreb Gourmet Tour
Zagreb Gourmet Tour
Zagreb Gourmet Tour