Ljubljana City & Food Tour

Updated: 27. January 2020.


Ljubljana City Tour 2020 | Day trip from Zagreb | 3-in-1

Ljubljana City & Food tour – Taste Slovenian food & wine – Scenic drive

  • Visit Ljubljana, charming capital of Slovenia, in just 2 hours drive from Zagreb
  • Explore main Ljubljana attractions and landmarks – guided walking tour
  • While walking taste a variety of traditional Slovenian food and wines
  • Enjoy scenic drive from Zagreb to Ljubljana
  • Private tour for 1-8 people | Tour is private, can’t be shared (joining in) with other people

Usually Zagreb day trips to Ljubljana and Slovenia omit exploring interesting and unique Slovenian cuisine. For sure capital’s architecture is nice, beautifully designed and decorated. But, humans are hungry after walking. It would be wrong to sit in nearest diner, just to fill in stomach, missing hidden gem of Ljubljana – local diner cooking traditional Slovenian food. Well, this tour will enhance your pleasure of visiting Ljubljana.

Beside learning about city’s main attractions and landmarks, along the way, you will:

  • Taste a variety of traditional dishes such as: prleska tunka (smoked pork meat), bujta repa (sour turnip hot pot), idrijski zlikrofi (dough with a potato filling), lublanski pohan psanc (chicken in bread crumbs)
  • Sample Kranjska klobasa (sausage) – the best known Slovenian foodstuff in the world
  • Have few glasses of local wine and learn about Slovenian wine culture
  • Find out history and tradition behind the sampled food
  • Menu can vary, depending on season. Enough food is served to consider it a full meal!


Please, take your passport, you need it to cross the border to Slovenia! We leave Zagreb around 9:00am, it takes 2 hours drive to Ljubljana. In Ljubljana we meet local guide and start sightseeing: main ‘Presern’ square, Triple bridge, Farmers market, Town hall, Cathedral … and, along the way, stop at local diners to sample traditional Slovenian food and drinks. It takes ~ 3 hours to finish the tour. Then, we pick up the car/mini-van and drive back to Zagreb. We should return to Zagreb around 5:00pm | Optional: Ljubljana Castle visit (duration ~ 1h)

Ljubljana city & food tour price: 

  • 2 people – 195 EUR per person ( by car)
  • 3 people – 175 EUR per person (by car)
  • 4 people – 170 EUR per person (by mini-van)
  • 5-8 people – 150 EUR per person (by mini-van)

Included: transportation (hotel pick-up/drop-off, private car or mini-van), local Ljubljana guide, sightseeing tour, food & wine tasting (you’ll eat enough, so you don’t need lunch!)

Optional | Ljubljana castle visit

If you want to learn more about Ljubljana and visit Ljubljana Castle, just say so.
You can do Self-guided Castle visit, and save money. You pay only funicular and castle admission fee / Price info

Wanna guided Castle visit? There is surcharge for guided Castle visit – 30 EUR per person.
Included: local guide, Funicular ticket, Castle admission fee
Note: Castle visit will extend Ljubljana tour for 1 hour. Expected return to Zagreb 6-6:30pm.


Ljubljana City & Food Tour
Ljubljana City & Food Tour
Ljubljana City & Food Tour