Zagreb to Split via Plitvice Lakes

Updated: 20. June 2018.


Zagreb to Split via Plitvice Lakes 2018 | Day trip

Explore half of Croatia in 1 day | Enjoy scenic drive | Private transfer

  • Wake up in Zagreb, go to bed in Split. And on the way…
  • Visit the open-air Homeland War Museum (1991-95)
  • Enjoy morning coffee in a sleepy Rastoke watermill village
  • Visit Plitvice Lakes NP on a scenic drive Zagreb → Split (or Split → Zagreb)
  • Private transfer for 1-7 people | It’s private, can’t be shared (joining in) with other people

Last few years travelers coming to Croatia often plan scenic ‘Odyssey’ en route: Zagreb → Plitvice lakes → Split (or vice versa). We do such transfer and help you to explore half of Croatia in just 1 day! It’s door-to-door service. Yeah!!

Why should I go private?
First, tour is fully flexible, so you can control all aspects of this trip: start time, pick-up/drop-off location, attractions you want to include/exclude etc.

b) Second, as you get undiluted attention, we have plenty of time to discuss Croatian history, culture, politics, sports, everyday life, EU dynamics etc. It’s a kind of crash course ‘What’s going on in Croatia?’. This substitutes time-consuming reading of Wikipedia, printed guidebooks, blogs and travel forums about Croatia.

c) Last but not least, I would provide you with Croatia road map, Split city map and useful tips: where to go, what to see, restaurants, museums, beaches… you name it!


  • Leaving Zagreb @ 8:00am (hotel pick-up) / vehicle: private car or mini-van
  • Driving time to Plitvice lakes 2 hrs, 2 stops along the way: War museum & Rastoke village
  • War museum: short sightseeing / Rastoke watermill village: short sightseeing & coffee
  • Plitvice lakes visit: Self-guided OR Guided tour
  • After Plitvice lakes walk, driving to Split circa 3 hrs, estimated arrival around 6-7:00pm

Included: transportation (car or mini-van), Homeland War Museum visit, Rastoke watermill village visit (wake-up coffee & sightseeing), Plitvice Lakes visit (Self-guided or Guided tour), Croatia and Split maps, useful tips (landmarks, restaurants, museums etc.)

Tour price:

  • Self-guided tour of Plitvice lakes
  • 2 people – 215 EUR per person (car)
  • 3 people – 160 EUR per person (car)
  • 4 people – 160 EUR per person (mini-van)
  • 5-7 people – 135 EUR per person (mini-van)

In Self-guided tour admission fee and guiding inside the park are not included.
Included: detailed map and walking instructions; my second cell phone, so we can stay in touch.

Optional: If you want Guided walking tour of Plitvice Lakes, there’s surcharge for local guide: 60 EUR per group, NOT per person.
For example, 2 people would pay 215*2+60= 490 EUR total. And 5 people would pay 130*5+60= 710 EUR total.
Ticket (admission fee) is not included in guided walking tour.
Ticket prices are seasonal, price list is here
I would pay the local guide and tickets, you should reimburse me after drop off in Split.

Note: this transfer starts from Zagreb, but it could start from Split and end in Zagreb. Please, state start/end point in Booking Form (below).


Zagreb to Split via Plitvice Lakes
Zagreb to Split via Plitvice Lakes
Zagreb to Split via Plitvice Lakes