Ljubljana & Lake Bled Tour

Updated: 27. January 2020.


Ljubljana & Lake Bled 2020 | Day trip from Zagreb | 3-in-1

Ljubljana city tour – Lake Bled & Bled castle visit  – Scenic drive

  • Visit Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, in just 2 hours scenic drive from Zagreb
  • Explore Ljubljana main attractions & landmarks (guided walking tour)
  • Enjoy scenery of alpine Lake Bled and snow-capped Alps on the horizon
  • Drift through Middle Ages Bled castle (built in 11 cent.) rooms and halls
  • Private tour for 1-8 people | Tour can’t be shared (joining in) with other people

While in Zagreb, tapping your finger and thinking what to do tomorrow, answer is closer than you expect. Go to Slovenia! In around 2 hours drive, you’re in Slovenia capital – Ljubljana town. We deliberately wrote town, not city. Because compared with titans like London or Paris, Ljubljana has merely 300k people.

But, here, size doesn’t matter. It is charming middle European place, walkable and divided by river that energizes the town. It offers plenty of spots for coffee time, lunch or just walks along the shore. After visiting Slovenian Capital, must-see place is gateway to Julian Alps and Karavanke mountain range – Lake Bled.


Ljubljana Farmers MarketPlease, take your passport, you need it to cross the border to Slovenia! We leave Zagreb – 9:00am, it takes around 2 hours drive to Ljubljana. Then, during 2-hours ‘Ljubljana for everyone’ walking tour you would explore Prešeren’s Square, Plečnik’s Farmers Market, Three Bridges, Town Hall, Congress and Republic Square, and Opera House. Ljubljana sightseeing is crash course on works of local architects, meeting locals at the farmer’s market and enjoying freshness of Ljubljanica river.

When walking is over, we would sit in local restaurant and eat lunch (local food). Lunch is not included in the tour price.

Leaving Ljubljana around – 2:00pm, we’re heading to Lake Bled. It takes circa 50 minutes drive to Bled. When we arrive at the lake, we would park the vehicle and stroll along the shore. It’s time for oxygen therapy. Wherever you look, it’s a scene worth taking picture. Lake, hills, forest, snow-capped Alps…

Throughout centuries Bled and its surroundings was estate of bishops and noble families. On top of steep cliff there’s Middle Ages Bled Castle (11th century). We would visit the castle inside and enjoy vista from one of castle’s terrace. Well, it’s time to go home, so pack your stuff, jump into the car and let’s go back to Zagreb. We should be back in Zagreb around – 8:00pm. Great day, yeah!

Ljubljana & Lake Bled tour price: 

  • 2 people – 195 EUR per person ( by car)
  • 3 people – 170 EUR per person (by car)
  • 4 people – 165 EUR per person (by mini-van)
  • 5-8 people – 150 EUR per person (by mini-van)

Included: transportation (hotel pick-up/drop-off, private car or mini-van), local Ljubljana guide (guided tour), Lake Bled visit, Bled Castle admission fee (ticket)
Not included: food and drinks (lunch in Ljubljana)


Ljubljana & Lake Bled Tour
Ljubljana & Lake Bled Tour
Ljubljana & Lake Bled Tour