Meet Funky Guide

Meet Funky Guide

2. Mar 2016.


Funky Zagreb personalized guide service is meant to be ‘pizza with delivery’. You choose when and where you want delivery. Naturally, you choose the ingredients that you love the most.

If you go to the Himalayas your best friend becomes a Sherpa. He is local expert: to guide you, feed, heal, advise, teach you, great storyteller, too. You feel safe and relaxed, even though you are on unfamiliar ground. Sherpa approaches every climber personally. Different people search different things.

When you replace the Himalayas for Zagreb, Funky Zagreb is your ‘Urban Sherpa‘. Hanging out with me will give you closer look at the city life in a way that exactly matches your needs – with personal touch!

I try to bring you not only the stories and photos of the city, but  local experience and energy, too. They are remembered the longest.

I have succeeded, if I made you understand local ‘attitude’ toward life and – sport.

Mladen / guide – driver – food &wine lover

Name: Mladen Car
Rank: Private (Guide)
Ship: CSS ‘Zagreb’ (food & wine supply ship)
CODE: 196/II

Specialty: binge watching, slow food, glass of wine before bed-time, ‘intense discussion’ about soccer talent, Alien movies, outsmart fishes in the sea, bad singer, good cook …

Mladen is a licensed tourist guide, grew up in Zagreb, on the border of concrete and corn fields. He loves to play soccer, but he does not love to watch it on TV. He rides a bike along and across the city, looking always roofs of buildings, risking a fall. For him beer is not a beverage, but the fuel for body.


Meet Funky Guide
Meet Funky Guide
Meet Funky Guide