What’s the cancellation policy?

Cancelling a booked tour is very simple. Just send me an e-mail or text message with short explanation what made you to change your mind. Please, as soon as you learn you can’t make the tour, send me info to e-mail: [email protected]
Text message or call: +385 91 160 22 22

What’s the minimum number of people on the tour?

Even 1 person can book a tour, though you will pay for 2, because that’s the minimum to do the tour.

How do I pay the tour – cash or card? Any deposits?

At the moment, I can accept only cash payment. You should pay me after the tour, when I return you to the hotel (day tour) or at the end of multi day tour.

Deposit is usually not charged. But if your tour requires mini-van rental, then you should pay me ‘Booking Fee’ (fee range 60-120 EUR), which is used for mini-van reservation. ‘Booking fee’ is non-refundable!

Can I join other people on a tour?

Sorry, but no. Funky Zagreb is small tour operator specialized in private tours. In order to provide premium service for affordable price I take only 1 group of people (couples, spouses, group of friends etc. ) on tour. This way I’m 100% dedicated to group’s satisfaction and open for numerous questions that you probably have.

How do I book a tour?

At the moment there are 3 ways to book a tour:

  1. BOOK NOW – At the end of web page you can click on green button ‘Book now’. It will open either ‘Booking Enquiry’ form, which you should fill in and send, OR Contact page. If Contact page is open, please send me message with as much information as you can provide (name, e-mail address, requested tour, exact tour date, number of people, etc.). You’ll get reply within 24 hours.
  2. CONTACT page – You can send me a message/enquiry through Contact page (please send message with as much information as you can provide: name, e-mail address, requested tour, exact tour date, number of people, etc.)
  3. E-MAIL – you can send me an e-mail to [email protected] and desribe in details what you need

No matter which way of communication you use, you’ll get reply within 24 hours.
You can CALL ME – my cell phone no. +385 91 160 22 22

When is my tour booked ?
After we sort out your itinerary and make adjustments to your plan, if needed, I’ll send you confirmation e-mail that your tour is booked. That’s it! No strings attached. You are paying at the end of tour.

Until you confirm final itinerary by email, you tour is still not booked, which makes your dates available to other parties for booking. Our booking policy is simple: First Booked – First Served!