Who’s Funky?

Guys, you won't move till you pay for the tour!Local guide

Name: Mladen Car
Rank: Private (Guide)
Ship: CSS ‘Zagreb’
CODE: 196/II
Nickname: ‘Urban Sherpa’
Specialty: long sleeping, afternoon nap, slow food, glass of wine before bed-time, ‘intense discussion’ about soccer players talent, Alien movies, outsmart fishes in the sea, bad singer, good cook …

I’m Mladen, localguide in Zagreb & Croatia. I grew up in Zagreb, on the border of concrete and corn fields. I love to play soccer, but dislike to watch it on TV. Riding a bike along and across the city, looking for new stuff in city dynamics – it’s a must! For me beer is not a beverage, it’s a fuel for the body.

Is Mladen trustworthy tour guide?

My personalized tour guide service is meant to be ‘pizza with delivery’. You choose when and where you want delivery. Naturally, you choose the ingredients that you love the most!

If you go to the Himalayas your best friend becomes a Sherpa. He is local expert: to guide you, feed, heal, advise, teach you, great storyteller, too. You feel safe and relaxed, even though you are on unfamiliar ground. Sherpa approaches every climber personally.

When you replace the Himalayas for Zagreb, Funky Zagreb is Your Urban Sherpa. I’ll give you closer look to the city in a way that exactly matches your needs – with personal touch.

Service palette

Funky Zagreb tours offers broad tourist support. Besides personalized tours, I can help you with:

  • Transfers (e.g. from/to airport-hotel and similar)
  • Accommodation (recommend you where to book ‘value for money’ – hotels, apartments, rooms, etc.)
  • Restaurants (recommendation/booking according to food type and budget)
  • Food/wine tasting & gourmet tours (I organize Croatian food and wine tasting – prosciutto, cheese, olive-oil, indigenous Croatian wine etc.)
  • Taxi services (guaranteed prices, we protect you from overpaying!)
  • Hospitality services (transportation, restaurant booking, tickets for concert/theatre/ballet/sport events, recreation – bikes/roller skating/tennis/hiking, swimming, skiing on Medvednica slopes, …)
  • ‘Explore Croatia’  travel support: where to go, what to see, dos-and-don’ts …
  • Other services on demand (just ask!)

Excursions to Zagreb surroundings

My aim is that not only Zagreb, but its surroundings come closer to you. I organize day trips where you explore nature and visit small towns near Zagreb (Samobor, Jastrebarsko, Castle Luznica …). Why wouldn’t you meet storks, watch birds in the ornithological reserve, enter the mine or cave, search for fossils, drink water from mountain streams, visit the castle or a small boutique winery, eat local food?

Day excursions from Zagreb: