About Zagreb & Croatia

1. Mar 2016.


It’s not easy to keep up an eye on all new Zagreb events, concerts, museum exhibitions…
But guys from Zagreb Tourist Board have always fresh and updated information what’s going on.

Here’s a good read about Croatia – land & people

Although, with all these printed guides, discussion forums, blogs, brochures etc. you find yourself kind of lost in information overflow, here is my recommendation for sit-and-enjoy, find some ideas. Anthony Bourdain visited Croatia, and made a good piece on what kind of cuisine and wine you’ll find here. One thing is common – simple but honest! Watch this video…

Now, good news – you can make any part of the documentary – part of your itinerary. Just tell me what you liked and I’ll send you program proposal, prices etc. based on your preferences. Simple way of making your visit to Croatia – easygoing!

Send me short wish-list by e-mail here…
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About Zagreb & Croatia
About Zagreb & Croatia
About Zagreb & Croatia